A Perfect Place

Ian sat on the couch with his legs sprawled out, eyeing the patterns in the ceiling, smelling a trace of something that reminded him of the old cigarettes. He mildly resented the house he now lived in, but hated even more the way that looking through the other houses drained him. Pictures of a perfect … Continue reading A Perfect Place


Nirvana X Machina (Turing Tastes, Episode 2)

He dreamily listened to the beating of his heart and became entranced in the cadence and magnitude of his breath. He hovered just above the blossoms and swaying grass, facing the cliff and its grand view of the sun. Overlooking the cliff, one could see the sprawling ocean and its living waves that ceremoniously wandered … Continue reading Nirvana X Machina (Turing Tastes, Episode 2)


We’d wandered around the apartment for a while after we arrived through the front door, moving from a compulsion to ensure that all the cold, detailed tasks of the day were really done. An hour passed without note and we found ourselves on the earth-colored couch in the living room, sitting placidly, but upright. I … Continue reading Signals