Post Summaries

In reverse chronological order:

A Perfect Place: While being annoyed by the menial imperfections of his life, Ian reviews his decision to buy a house with Heather, his girlfriend. (<1000 words)

Nirvana X Machina (Turing Tastes, Episode 2): A man reflects on his role in creating the world’s most infamous virtual reality machine as he attempts to achieve enlightenment and transcendence within it. (<1000 words)

Escape (A Prologue): A desperate group of escapees from a declining and oppressive corporate-owned city is pursued by a larger corporation that has bought the rights to ownership of the city and its citizens. (<2000 words)

Powers That Be (Part 2): All together in the living room, the girls settle their thoughts about the session with the Ouija board and fall asleep, leaving Ethan alone with the darkness and the entity that seems to lurk inside it. (<2000 words)

Powers That Be (Part 1): A boy named Ethan must face the malevolent unknown when his sister takes him to a sleepover where she and three of her friends operate a Ouija board. (<1750 words)

Means to The End (Turing Tastes, Episode 1): One man ponders the nature of happiness and satisfaction in the company of a beautiful woman and a miraculous machine. (<1000 words)

Signals: A young man reflects on the minute details of time spent with his lover while being plagued by his quiet anxieties. (<1000 words)

A Blue Speck Flickers: A resident of a space station in the future recalls the day that the fate of the Earth and all of its inhabitants changed forever. (<1200 words)