Nirvana X Machina (Turing Tastes, Episode 3)

He dreamily listened to the beating of his heart and became entranced in the cadence and magnitude of his breath. He hovered just above the blossoms and swaying grass, facing the cliff and its grand view of the sun. Overlooking the cliff, one could see the sprawling ocean and its living waves that ceremoniously wandered … Continue reading Nirvana X Machina (Turing Tastes, Episode 3)


IDward (Turing Tastes, Episode 2)

The light of gathering fires atop worn brick apartment buildings swam through the cavernous midnight smoke. The bitter breaths of winter cold flinched at the shimmer of menacing heat. He stood at the epicenter of the dying city. The burns were among so many greater wounds that had carved new tragedies into the once merely … Continue reading IDward (Turing Tastes, Episode 2)